Quarterly Commentary

Performance summary, assessment of economic and market drivers, and rationale for risk positioning.

Research Insights

Engagement Practices at SKY Harbor

December 2018

Participating in active engagement as fixed income investors

High Yield 2019 Outlook

December 2018

Summary Report: 2018 recap and 2019 market expectations and risks

ESG Investing at SKY Harbor: Update from the Managing Director

November 2018

Addressing Sustainability

SKY's the Limit in ESG

Citywire, July 2018

SKY Harbor featured as Boutique of the Week

ESG Initiative: Gender Diversity

March 2018

Focus: diversity in corporate leadership and governance

High Yield 2018 Outlook

December 2017

Summary report: 2017 recap and 2018 market expectations and risks

US Tax Reform — High Yield Market Implications

December 2017

Analysis of sectors and issuers most likely to benefit

The Disconnect between Recent S&P 500 and HYG ETF Returns

November 2017

Recent performance divergence examined

What do we know about Jerome Powell?

November 2017

A first look at the newly nominated next Fed chairman

ESG Integration: A Strategic Update

September 2017

Report on SKY Harbor‘s ongoing Responsible Investing Initiatives

Not Fake News: Active Beats Passive in High Yield Investing

June 2017

Highlights five key limitations of a passive approach

Spread Cushion: High Yield in a Rising Rate Environment

February 2017

Finding the break even for absorbing a rise in interest rates

GDP Growth and High Yield Total Returns: Finding the “Sweet Spot”

January 2017

Analysis of GDP Growth scenarios

The Case for High Yield

January 2017

A look at diversification, credit fundamentals, key macro drivers, correlations and volatility