Broad High Yield Market

Our Broad High Yield Market strategy seeks to invest in a diversified portfolio of high yield debt securities issued by companies domiciled or listed in the US. Through investing across the full maturity and ratings spectrum of the US below-investment-grade debt market the strategy seeks to outperform the broad US high yield market over a full market cycle with less volatility. The primary benchmark for this total return strategy is the Bank of America-Merrill Lynch US High Yield Index.

We believe our Broad High Yield Market strategy is a fundamentally driven “all-weather” strategy able to integrate and respond to most market environments to generate attractive full market cycle returns. It is intended to capture a significant amount of the upside when the high yield market is strong, but outperform in a down market when risk premiums are spiking.

SKY Harbor offers separately managed accounts in this strategy as well as a limited partnership for qualified US investors, and serves as sub-adviser for the Westwood Opportunistic High Yield Fund, an open-end US mutual fund. For fund investors outside the US, please visit SKY Harbor Global Funds.